Information for Investors


 Poleski Forestry will consider all offers of investors on the development of ecological tourism. 

    On the territory of Poleskogo forestry reserves are Olmanskie Marshes, Pripyat, Old greedy. 
Also available in a number of places of interest:
    People's Museum, the David-Gorodok, Castle Hill (Settlement of XI century), Church of Our Lady of Kazan (the beginning of the XIX century), St. George's Church (the middle of XVII century), Museum of Popular Ethnography in the village Tereblichi, tract "White Beach", the church Pochaev Mother of God and the nature of doubt, which is virtually untouched by man with many wonderful places. 

     A brief guide can be found  here

     For those interested please call 8 (01655) 51 638 
  Petrovets Vasiliy Nikolaevich

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